GoviEx Uranium is a growing, Africa-focused uranium company with a defined project development pipeline and strong jurisdictional diversification. GoviEx’s principal objective is to become a significant uranium producer through the continued exploration and development of its two mine-permitted projects – the Madaouela Project in Niger and the Mutanga Project in Zambia – and its exploration Falea Project in Mali.

GoviEx’s investment highlights include a strong strategic shareholder base and experienced leadership. The company is supported by three leading nuclear and mining companies: Denison Mines, Cameco Corporation, and Robert Friedland’s Ivanhoe Industries. The development-focused owner’s team has a wealth of uranium production and marketing experience.

On a U3O8 and an U3O8 Eq basis, GXU has one of the largest mineral resources amongst its uranium peers, with more than 200 million pounds of U3O8. Significant metallurgical test work and engineering studies completed on its assets have provided GoviEx with a solid foundation on which to build when uranium prices rise. Given that uranium demand due to nuclear energy growth is forecast to increase by an average of 3% per annum, and given that worldwide uranium production looks to be declining, all predictions point to an increase in uranium prices.