Project Status: Exploration

The company “UKRLITHIUMMINING” starts exploration of one of the largest lithium deposits in Europe: the Polohivske deposit. It is located in the Mala Vyska district, Kirovograd region, Ukraine. It belongs to the type of rare-metal pegmatites. Approved reserves are (previously explored reserves of petalite lithium ores) in the amount of more than 37 million tons.

Plans & Latest Developments
In the second quarter of 2017, the company UKRLITHIUMMINING received by the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine the special permit for the use of the suboils of the Polohivske deposit for the purpose of production of lithium ores (petalite) and all accompanied metals and minerals valid for 20 years.

Why invest?

– the rapid growth in demand for two main lithium products: lithium carbonate (used in ceramics and glass products) and lithium hydroxide (used in production of battery charging for electronic devices);
– the rapid growth of profit of companies engaged in the development of lithium deposits against the backdrop of a rapidly growing demand for lithium products;
– the global race of world auto manufacturers for the production of electric vehicles will allow demand for lithium to increase a lot in the next half century;
– an inexpensive labor force together with European location makes it convenient for Europien market.